Candidate Statements for the Municipal Election 2021:

Scott Schroeder


A message from Scott:

‘Hello. I’m Scott Schroeder and will be running for a position on council for the Village of Milo. I have run two terms and would like to have a seat at the table for a third. Most people know me, but for the ones that don’t, I’ll put a brief write up. Since being a part of the Village team, I’ve been able to see the day to day running of the Village and enjoy being part of the decision process. The town is looking in fantastic shape and very welcoming. That is due to the Village staff but mainly so many volunteers and business owners, residents and rate payers that have put so much pride and work into the Village. BIG THANKS!! As far as the direction of the Village, I’m very glad we are on the edge of a lake and have new campgrounds going in around to have spin off for the business. I believe the way to growth is through business and hope we can attract more businesses to Milo, which in turn brings in more residents. Thank you for the past support and look forward to new things for the Village, whoever is elected. Good luck to all.’

Sheldon Walker


A message from Sheldon:

‘I’ve been living in Milo since 2006. Have two boys that attend Milo school. Been on council for one full term. My agenda for this term is to concentrate on infrastructure of water and sewer lines. Need to get all old piping replaced. We need to put monies away for water treatment plant upgrades, since the government seems to make us upgrade lots. We need to follow same rules as the big centers. Going to need to watch our spending since this covid 19. Our funding will be done from previous years, our operating funds have been cut by about 30 percent. Would like to run another term for the village of Milo. Will leave that up to the residence of Milo to make that choice. Thank-you from Deputy Mayor Walker.’

Dean Melnyk


A message from Dean:

‘Hello my name is Dean Melnyk and I am running as one of the Candidates for council in the upcoming elections. I am what you call one of those seniors that is still trying to figure out what I can do and what my body will let me do. Karen (my wife) and myself have actually been part of the community for over 8 years, sure maybe as  one of those weekenders for 6 years, but we obviously loved the village and decided to make it our retirement location. Yes, we are the people that built the new blue house in the sub division and I mean built it because we were definitely hands on for 2 years, something I wanted to do for a long time. Would we do it again ,no!!!!! We moved from Calgary where we had lived for 33 years, and just had to get out of dodge as they might say . (Enough of the traffic and various issues associated with a big city). Prior to that we live in Carbon Alberta for 10 years on an acreage. This might have been the reason for the interest in small town living.

I have worked for 45years in the architectural field doing major commercial projects around the world, for a firm in Calgary and worked my way to VP of operations , which duties included managing the office of 45 people and most construction projects. I still dabble in assisting the firm on a weekly bases but consider myself retired.

Small villages/towns, always need new people coming in to both maintain their current services, and to see new opportunities ,or growth. Without this we simply become part of the landscape .Therefore, I hope to bring to the council my experience with development and obvious construction, including dealing with various city/government departments usually on development. I might also have picked up a few things on city planning along the way.

Hopefully, every one comes out to vote. Let me know if there is anything you would like to discuss so I  better understand the issues.


Patrick Wiens

A message from Patrick:

‘Patrick grew up on a hog farm near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He greatly enjoyed attending school in the small town of Dalmeny and is a farm boy at heart. Patrick has lived in Alberta for the last 8 years. He moved here to begin his career as an operations team member at Nutrien in Carseland. Prior to his career change, he was a maintenance technician/manager for many years at a plastic manufacturing company in Saskatchewan. He is intrigued by the homestead lifestyle and enjoys providing for his family in this manner. Such as, hunting, vegetable gardening, and canning. Patrick hopes to help the spirit of Milo flourish. He wants the hopes and concerns of the community to be heard and taken into consideration with future decisions.’