2018 Show & Shine A Huge Success!

The 4th annual Show & Shine was even bigger and better this year. With more vehicles on display, great food, and wonderful people this years annual Show & Shine was better than ever! Check out the newest gallery that showcases the event!

20 Things About Milo

20 things Milo is known for, you can do, or around Milo

-Bartsch Burgers
-Wing Night at Milo Hotel
-Terry Fox Run
-Snake Valley Hoe-down
-Volunteer Fire Department
-New Library
-Sunday Buffet at Milo Cafe
-Walking Path
-I.B. School
-Milo Christmas Party
-Lions BBQ and Show ‘n Shine
-Slow Pitch Tournament
-Beach Volleyball Tournament
-Crowfoot Ferry
-Cluny Water Tap
-Country Farmhouse
-Lake McGregor
-Blackfoot Crossing
-New Subdivision with 22 lots